Bring Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to Real Life

About Us

Augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) are the next mainstream computing platforms. Although they have become increasingly accessible in recent years, they have not been widely adopted in daily use. The AR/VR team of HKUST VisLab is devoted to bringing AR/VR into real life and enriching everyone’s AR/VR experience. Our research mission is to design and develop effective AR/VR techniques and user-friendly applications to improve productivity and creativity.

We use human-centered design and data-driven methods to innovate AR/VR technology. We have been developing AR/VR applications to facilitate big data analysis for decision making, resulting in novel visualization techniques, interactions, and authoring tools. Our research has contributed to solving various critical real-world challenges, including social media marketing, urban planning, and education. We are cooperating with local communities as living labs to enrich their living experience using AR/VR. Specifically, we are building the HKUST campuses into AR/VR-enhanced campuses to showcase how people in the future can use AR/VR to break the constraints of time and space to live, study, and play together.