Pulse of HKUST aims to promote a smart campus through the combined power of LoT devices, big data analytics and visualization. In a series of projects, we develop online platforms to communicate the "pulse" of the campus community such as hot topics, crowd information, availability of facilities, and events.

Recently, Pulse has been deployed at the Engineering Commons to enhance the mobility and facility management. It senses real-time crowds based on Wi-Fi access point usage information and CCTV videos, visualizes such crowd flows in an appealing and engaging form, and feeds information to the lay public on the on-screen display. By analyzing the facility usage and presenting useful information about their status, Pulse provides better campus experience, higher life quality, and stronger sense of ownership, making HKUST a leader in the open-data movement.


Sep 2018: We release our first demo at the Engineering Commons starting at the HKUST Information Day 2018, which visualizes the real-time crowdedness such as waiting time at bus stops and available seats at canteens. Our project is covered by the Sing Pao Daily.

Nov 2018: This project is selected as one of the first seven HKUST Sustainable Smart Campus as a Living Lab initiatives.


The Team

Huamin Qu


Aoyu Wu

M.Phil (Contact Person)

Bon Kyung KU


Xinhuan Shu

Ph.D. Candidate

Furui Cheng

Ph.D. Student

Yifang Wang

Ph.D. Student

Leni Yang

Ph.D. Student

Wai Tong



Get in Touch


CYT 3007, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Clear Water Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong


Aoyu Wu: awuac at connect dot ust dot hk